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Games Workshop Previews Thousand Sons for The Horus Heresy

Another day, another look at one of the Legion Astartes and how they're being updated in the new edition of The Horus Heresy. This time around, we get a look at the Thousand Sons.

From the article:

All the Space Marine Legions boast superlative warriors, which renders their constant quarrels over glory and achievements rather futile… especially when the XV Legion are both excellent warriors and the greatest scholars in the galaxy. While their lesser brothers roll around in the muck, these visionaries explore secrets known to no other – save perhaps the Emperor himself.*

Our review of the Legiones Astartes has finally met a Primarch who can appreciate its impartial and objective scholarship – Magnus the Red, who tried harder than anyone else to prevent the Horus Heresy, only for his noble efforts to be violently rejected by the unappreciative masses. It’s time to put mind over matter with the Thousand Sons, who – despite being the smallest Legion – know more than every other Space Marine combined.