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Games Workshop Previews Upgraded Fleshborerer for 40k

Fleshborers are the standard armament for the masses of Tyranid soldiers. And with the new codex they're getting for 40k, they're getting themselves an upgrade. Have a look at what these nasty projectiles will be like with this new preview.

From the article:

Our dissection of the upcoming Codex: Tyranids has revealed some truly remarkable adaptations. Within its glistening innards, we’ve discovered the Hive Mind’s game-changing Synaptic Imperatives, extracted a horrifying new bioform, and detected deadly developments in the evolution of Tyranid subspecies, from the biggest beasts to the smallest swarms.

So now we turn to their armoury. On the slab today we have the ubiquitous fleshborer, the weapon of choice for lowly Termagants and Gargoyles – and unfortunately for the rest of the galaxy, the Magi Biologis report that this biomorph has evolved. Once a humble splat gun, it now resembles a living hose of death.* 

Each fleshborer is essentially an organic burrow, absolutely squirming with the worst beetles in the universe. When fired, this gnarly weapon stimulates the borer beetles into launching themselves from the barrel with their flea-like legs. On contact, they feast – it’s a short life, but a fulfilling one.

That sounds horrible enough, but the Norn Queens never saw a bug they couldn’t birth better. Some tweaks to their squishy inner workings have granted the fleshborer an extra 6” Range, a boost to Strength 5, and a pip of Armour Penetration – meaning this hail of hungry beetles is even deadlier when shotgunned at Space Marines.**