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Games Workshop Previews Using Knights as Allies in 40k

<whoop! whoop! whoop!> Yup. Giant Robot Alert. But, say that you DON'T want to use an entire army of giant robots (look, I don't understand why you wouldn't, either. But let's just go with it), how can you still get some of the new Imperial and Chaos Knights into your forces? Well, we get a look at exactly that in this preview.

Also, when are we going to get an entire codex about Gargants, GW? C'mon!

From the article:

Do you feel that? The trembling earth means Codex: Imperial Knights and Codex: Chaos Knights are only just around the corner, and they’re exciting books even if you don’t have a Knight Lance of your own waiting in the wings. That’s because you can take their dark psychic powers and upgraded weapons on tour with your Imperium and Chaos armies using the new Wandering Hero and Fallen Hero abilities.