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Games Workshop Previews Warhammer Day Exclusive Miniatures

At the end of the month is a holiday celebrated by people all over. Of course, I'm talking about Warhammer Day (what'd you think I was talking about?). And in celebration of the event, Games Workshop is creating two exclusive minis for it. Have yourselves a look.

From the article:

Warhammer Day returns once again on the 30th of October 2021. We’re marking this momentous day with not one, but two incredible commemorative edition miniatures and an absolutely massive online preview of some of the major releases slated for the rest of 2021 – and beyond. 

It’s an unmissable celebration of gaming, whether you’re rolling dice with your mates in-person or battling for glory online. We’re so excited that we’re going to be bringing you Warhammer Day-themed content in the run-up to the big day – look out for it right here on

But first, the small matter of those jaw-dropping new miniatures. Have a gander…