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Games Workshop Previews the Legionary Butcher for Kill Team

The Nachmund box for Kill Team comes to pre-order this upcoming weekend. If you're on the Chaos side of things and want a bit more info about what you're getting, you're in luck. In this preview, check out the Legionary Butcher.

From the article:

Kill Team: Nachmund is coming to pre-orders this weekend, featuring the super-speedy Corsair Voidscarred and the Chaos Legionaries – quite possibly the deadliest kill team released so far. To prepare your operatives for the task, there’s a new Balance Dataslate for Kill Team featured below, containing important updates for several key teams.

As you might expect from Warp-infused super soldiers, these Heretic Astartes are capable of putting out some eye-watering damage. None show this off better than the Legionary Butcher, owner of this rather impressive two-handed axe, who can potentially kill as many as three (three!) enemy operatives in a single activation.