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Games Workshop Releases Free Warcry Campaign

Games Workshop has started a new regular column where they'll be releasing free content for Warcry. This first post is big, giving you a whole campaign that you can download right now and start playing. Go on over and take part in the The Purge of Anvilgard campaign now.

From the article:

Welcome to Call of the Everchosen, the first in a new series dedicated to the Warcry community. These articles will feature all sorts of free campaigns, challenge battles, allied heroes, and more. Today, we’re kicking things off with a foray into the final days of doomed Anvilgard, which you may remember was the locus of one of Morathi’s many power moves, and who better to tell us all about it than Warcry rules writer Sam Pearson.


This campaign marks the beginning of regular Warcry content we’ll be uploading to Warhammer Community, so keep your eyes peeled next month when we’ll be sharing a campaign that ties into the events from Broken Realms: Teclis.