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Going Native: Warpath: Rise of the City-States Expansion Up On Kickstarter

Paymaster Games is running a Kickstarter campaign for Rise of the City-States. It's a whole bunch of new miniatures for their Going Native: Warpath game. And yes, that is a massive starfish that you can use as a mount for your characters in the photo above.

From the campaign:

This Kickstarter campaign is intended to expand the Going Native line of models. We have a lot of new models sculpted and ready to be cast, along with scores of newly designed models that are ready to head off to the sculptors. We are doing a lot of new things with this campaign than we have done with earlier campaigns. So lets get started -

Rise of the City States

In the Americas, as in Europe, powerful states would rise out of small chiefdoms or towns. These states were mighty cities with formidable militaries often lead by savvy and charismatic kings, queens or princes. While we will stretch beyond this from time to time, the City States will be the main theme of this campaign.

Physical Products

Unlike Kickstarter campaigns, all of my models and kit Physical products and not printable files. The vast majority of my models have be hand sculpted and classically cast. This campaign is very much a celebration of craftsmanship. Man sized models are planned to be spun cast in metal. The larger than man sized models will be cast in resin.

The campaign's up and running now with 27 days left to go.