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Greater Than Games Webshop Reopens

It's been a day of reopenings, it seems. And hey, that works for me. Greater Than Games is the latest game company that has retooled their shipping process to coincide with social distancing guidelines and has been able to reopen. So, again, it might be a little slower than usual, but you can still get your games while you're at home. And to celebrate, they're having a sale.

From the announcement:

Hello, Greater Than Games friends and fans! 

We hope that you are all staying healthy and keeping yourselves entertained in these uncertain times. After an incredibly chaotic week, we've gotten things a bit more streamlined here at GTG HQ!

Almost everyone is working from home to maintain social distancing, and we have figured out a way to safely re-open our web store!

If you are looking for a game to play while socially isolating yourself, check out more about our sale below! Every purchase helps us keep the lights on here at GTG.

Greater Than Games Webshop

  Marcus at Apr-7 20
Always good to see businesses back open when they can do so safely!
  TGN_Polar_Bear at Apr-7 20
Definitely. There are a couple stories like this popping up and it really pepped me up after the not-so-great ones from the week previous.