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Green Hell: The Board Game Coming to Kickstarter Soon

Galaktus Games is looking to recreate the dense jungle and oppressive environment and dangers of the Amazon right on your tabletops as they adapt the Green Hell video game into Green Hell: The Board Game. This new project will be hitting Kickstarter soon.

About the game:

Jake is stranded in the Amazon forest in search of his lost wife, trying to survive in this harsh, and unwelcoming environment. You – the players – are all members of a Search & Rescue team sent with the sole task of locating and retrieving him. Each of you has a particular set of skills that will prove necessary to the whole party’s fate. Survival Expert, Medic, Guide, and the Scientist – only well-coordinated cooperation will allow you to complete the mission successfully.

Green Hell: The Board Game, created by Galaktus Games, offers players a high level of gameplay unpredictability thanks to its innovative system of ever-expanding jungle creation based on a modular, semi-random map setup. The jungle and its challenges awaiting the Rescue Party will randomly change every time you play the game with your friends, making each playthrough a unique experience.