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Guardians Retribution Hero Pack Now Available From Plaid Hat Games

Four new Guardians are making their way to your tabletops in, well, Guardians by Plaid Hat Games. The new Retribution Hero Pack is available now. Get yourself Jupiter, Ryker, Therion, and Warhead to add to your deck now.

From the announcement:

In the world of Guardians, a hero’s allegiance is ever-shifting - yesterday’s enemy could very well be tomorrow’s ally. Four new heroes join the fight for the future in Guardians: Retribution, an all-new hero pack for the Guardians base game! Inside players will find even more heroes to combine and form the ultimate super-powered team! Ryker is a seasoned veteran bent on righting the sins of his past. Warhead is a hot-tempered warrior armed with an experimental nuclear battle-rig. Therion is a genetically-altered mercenary capable of boundless strength. Jupiter is a telekinetic hero capable of altering the gravitational field around her at will. Each hero has been brought to this fight for their own reasons, but they’ll need to work together with the other heroes of Guardians to achieve their goals.