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Happy Games Factory Running New Eden Crowdfuning Campaign For New Factions

Happy Games Factory is looking to bring a new faction to their Eden game. It's the Octopus Keepers... because why not? They also have the B.O.R.G. as a limited-edition starter set that you can pick up. They've got a Game On Tabletop campaign going on (a crowdfunding site) now that you can check out.

From the campaign:

The Sagaarians represent the future of Eden. Indeed, this new faction combines the know-how developed over the past 9 years by the entire team and the entire Eden community, which helps us every day with its feedback and tests!

With this new starter you can easily immerse yourself in the universe of Eden, with these 5 miniatures, their 5 profile cards, 3 mission cards and 8 tactical cards, you can play and replay without tiring. The complete rulebook is already included in the starter set too.

This Starter is our New Limited Edition Starter ! It's a Game On Tabletop exclusive so don’t miss the opportunity to buy it! It provides everything you need to play a full 100 points team, the usual format!

This is the new faction : LAB 32 comes from Russia , from a L.A.B in wich they develop more and more strange creatures ! The basic gameplay is the same from some of our old I.S.C Models but with a totally new look and if this faction has a lot of success we will continue to devellop this aspect of the universe.

The campaign's around 900% funded with 8 days left to get in on the action.