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Haunted West RPG Up On Kickstarter

When you picture the Old West, you probably have a certain view in mind. However, things were much more diverse than the popular tales and old Western movies portray. For example, 1/3 of all Cowboys were of African descent. Going West was popular for them after the end of the Civil War, where opportunities were better. Haunted West looks to rectify some of the whitewashing that's been created in Old West mythos and bring it to your tabletop. The game is up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

This is a game about hope through struggle. It is a game that pieces together the stories of the largely forgotten people of the Old West, the people who have been whitewashed by history. Discover the American experience in the Weird West.

Grab your rifle, jet pack, and spurs to battle traitorous rebels in the defense of freedom, join the fight against temporally displaced dinosaurs, rustle cattle to make ends meet, and hijack a train full of illicit Confederate gold!

I hope you’ve got the grit and gumption to see this through.

Head 'em up. Move 'em out.

The campaign's more than 2.5x funded with 31 days still left to go.