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Herbarium RPG Supplement Up On Kickstarter

Turning towards more plant-based lives is definitely something that many people are doing, and it's not all about simply turning vegan. There's a lot of legends and folklore around plants and Herbarium looks to bring them into your D&D games. Head on through and check out the Kickstarter campaign for this new RPG supplement.

From the campaign:

Herbarium is the lovechild of folklorist Fez Inkwright's love for botanical mythology and the TTRPG community. Not only does it introduce foraging mechanics and over 60 real-life plants for the nature-minded DM and player, but it also includes a guide on creating your own fictional plants with their own 5e mechanics; thematic adventure hooks and encounters; folklore-inspired new subclasses and character backgrounds; monstrous creatures from the dark side of traditional folk horror; over 100 craftable potions, items, and poisons; and more.

Whether you're a DM or a player, if you've got green fingers or a love for the dark and magically twisted, Herbarium is full of content for you!

The campaign's right around its funding goal with 31 days left to go.