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Highcaster Fantasy RPG Up On Kickstarter

Adventurers come and go, but legends live forever. In Highcaster, players are looking to create truly legendary characters, doing epic deeds and achieving legend status. The new fantasy RPG system is up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

Highcaster is a game about creating legends. It is the story of a civilization rising from the ashes, reaching out into the vast unknown to create a new world and destroy the decay and corruption that threatens it. You will play great heroes and create stories that will enter the chronicles and become history for future generations.

It is a time of darkness, literally and figuratively. There are no stars in the sky. The world’s civilization has collapsed into tiny pockets of societies separated by wilderness overcome with decay and corruption. But in this darkness, there is hope as societies begin to reach out beyond their safe havens to find each other. Heroes trek across the wilderness to build safe passages and rid the world of the chaos and destruction leftover from the cataclysm.

As a tabletop roleplaying game, Highcaster will provide you with a rich tapestry from which to build. But think of it as a set piece to create your own history, full of incredible stories about amazing people who defied all odds to make their world better and safer.

Create long-lasting tales of legend, courage, and hope. Put the stars back in the night sky.

The campaign's 3x funded with 20 days left to go.