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How to Join Mantic's Magnetar Global Deadzone Event

Mantic Games is going to be launching a global event for Deadzone in just a couple days. It's called Magnetar and if you're interested in joining and getting some more info about it all, you'll want to check out this article, since it's what it's all about.

From the article:

Are you ready for the Deadzone Global Campaign? Well, you better be because it kicks off on May 16th! The Battle for Magnetar will see factions fighting for the future of the continent-spanning city first revealed in the Deadzone: Third Edition rulebook. If you thought the Veer-myn were the only problem facing the residents of Magnetar, then you’re sadly mistaken!

Since Containment Protocols were declared, the beleaguered city has attracted attention from all over the galaxy. Although billed as an ‘entertainment planet’, if you scratch below the glittering surface, there’s a much darker side to Magnetar that’s ripe for the taking.

Over the coming weeks, you’ll have the opportunity to choose your faction and battle it out to take control of Magnetar’s various districts. Each week we’ll be unveiling a new district in the city to clash over, with some (optional) narrative rules available for that location, before ending in a dramatic finale for the future of Magnetar. See how excited Ronnie is in the video below!