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Kingdoms of the Deep Board Game Up On Kickstarter

Under the sea. Under the sea. Now that I have that stuck in all of your heads, it's under the sea that you'll be going in Kingdoms of the Deep. Control of the underwater realms are up for grabs and it's every player's goal to be the one with the trident and crown at the end. This new board game and successor to Animal Kingdoms is up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

Kingdoms of the Deep is an area control and simultaneous action selection game for 2-6 players in 45-60 minutes where each player is vying for control of the Underwater Kingdoms.

In Kingdoms of the Deep you play as the leader of a faction of sea creatures, competing with your rivals for control of the undersea kingdom. Over the course of three ages, each composed of a variable number of rounds of play, you will choose one of six possible actions to take. 

  •  Simultaneous Action Selection: All players choose their action and reveal at the same time; if any player is the only one to choose a specific action, they get a bonus! See if you can anticipate what other players are doing so you can gain an advantage that will allow you to take over the Kingdoms! 
  •  Escalating Shark Attacks: All players can control the shark's actions so you want to make sure that the shark is close enough to take out your opponents but far enough away that your creatures are safe! As the game goes on, more sharks are added to the game and the waters become increasingly dangerous! 
  •  Variable Scoring Conditions: Each age, there's a different way to gain points and the goals change at three times in the game. There are goals that are based on being on the board in specific spatial patterns, for specific types of terrain, and for having specific actions of your species upgraded, among other things! There are three goals per game and every game is very different based on which goals come up. 

Can you outthink your opponents to seize the Kingdom?

The campaign's about 3/4 of the way to its goal with 21 days to go.