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Knuckleduster Miniatures Running Gunfight Royale Board Game Kickstarter

The sleepy town of Gunpowder Gulch is about to explode like a powderkeg... Apt name for the town, I suppose. Rival factions are forming and they're grabbing their shootin' irons. Bullets will fly and in the end, only one group will be standing. That's what's happening in Gunfight Royale, a lighthearted tactical board game shootout that's up now on Kickstarter.

From the campaign:

Plastic cartoon gunfighters battle to the finish in a Wild West miniatures board game that features beautiful artwork and lighthearted game play!

It’s a move-and-shoot tactical board game where you have either one or two characters in the fight. You keep track of weapons, ammo, and health, cashing in poker chips as you are dealt hits. There is a mechanism for reacting to events when it’s not your turn, and there are dirty trick cards you can play to interfere with other people’s actions. Items are distributed around the board, and in most scenarios it is possible to accumulate loot or find useful equipment.


The game takes place in a sleepy western town called Gunpowder Gulch. Twelve misfits fight it out with derringers, pepperboxes, pistols, rifles, shotguns, dynamite, knives, and numerous oddball items that serve as melee weapons and devices for gaining an advantage (for instance, the Dress  item will help you disguise yourself as a "Lady" class of character who can't be sniped from a distance). Dirty Trick cards can be played to immediately cause mischief to an opponent (like a hornet buzzing in his face) or give yourself an "unfair" advantage. Even after your character bites the dust, you can continue to play Dirty Trick cards, so you won't be left out of the action.

The outside of the board has a time track upon which the Lone Rider of Eternity figure plods his way from High Noon to The Sunset, giving the game a definite ending point!

The campaign's making its way to halfway funded with 26 days to go.