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Kobold Horde Sale Happening at Paizo

Kobolds are known for grabbing whatever and stashing it away. Well, a big horde has been found recently in the Paizo warehouse and now it's time to distribute it around. Head over and see what's available in the Kobold Horde sale happening now from Paizo.

From the announcement:

Paizo’s warehouse inventory team recently discovered a roughly hewn hole in the back corner of the building hidden behind a half-empty pallet of Creamy Chicken Ramen packets. In true Pathfinder style, they geared up and delved into the secret passage. After crawling through a 5-foot-wide low corridor for 40 feet, they stumbled across a secret chamber where the warehouse kobolds had been stashing products to build a hoard worthy of their draconic majesty.

Yet even kobolds must yield to the almighty Bank of Abadar, and the liquidation clerics have determined this trove must be sold. Their loss is your gain as many mighty treasures that have not seen the light of day for years are now being brought forth!