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Late Pledges Available for Tiny Epic Dungeons

Just because a Kickstarter campaign is over doesn't mean that you're entirely out of luck when it comes to all the special pricing and exclusive extras. Gamelyn Games has opened up the Late Pledges for their Tiny Epic Dungeons campaign. Now, this time really is pretty much your last chance to get in on it. So, if you want in, now's your time.

From the announcement:

Includes Dragon and the Dryad, and the Lords of the Undead Expansions in the BOX!

Dungeon Heroes is an asymmetric HEAD-to-HEAD dungeon game, for 1-2 players!

It is a tile-placement rogue-like dungeon crawl. One player controls an adventuring party consisting of four Heroes: a warrior, a wizard, a cleric, and a rogue.

The other player is the Dungeon Lord. He creates the dungeon and controls the monsters within. The goal of the Dungeon Lord is to construct a devious dungeon layout by placing tiles turn by turn. When the Dungeon Lord runs out of tiles, the monsters enrage and hunt down the heroes. The heroes must unravel the Dungeon Lord's scheme by disarming traps, killing monsters early, and using powerful magic to reveal hidden areas. Their goal is to locate three treasures to win the game. The Dungeon Lord, quite naturally, wants to eradicate the Heroes...