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Latest Frostgrave Nickstarter Running Now

For Frostgrave, they don't like to do Kickstarter campaigns. Instead, they run Nickstarters. They're pre-order systems that unlock special freebies as they go along. They've got their latest one underway now, looking to get some figures for The Maze of Malcor. If you want in, you've got 25 days to get your name on the list.

From the announcement:

Today sees the launch of the huge Frostgrave Miniature Pre-Order program, based around the book The Maze of Malcor. The set includes the 5 new wizards and apprentices, over a dozen new monsters, new specialist soldiers, and the new all-female, multi-pose, plastic box set Frostgrave Soldiers II! Also, as order levels reach certain 'spend-goals' everyone participating will earn free figures and other potential rewards. But this is no crowd-funding campaign. All of these figures are either already produced, or in the last stages of production, so orders should be shipped soon after the campaign ends!