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Legendary Kingdoms - Pirates of the Splintered Isles Game Book Up On Kickstarter

The Legendary Kingdoms is getting its 3rd installment. It's Pirates of the Splintered Isles. And while it's initially written as a solo game book, it's been successfully played using multiple players with a central GM taking on the role of the narrator while the players are the characters in the book. The project is up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

The Legendary Kingdoms series has been designed to be played solo, as a choose your own adventure style gamebook. However, as you lead a party of four adventurers on an epic journey in a truly sandbox world, we have had playthroughs where one person has acted as the GM (Narrator) and four friends have taken on a character each.

It works just as well being played online as it does around a table.

Playtesters and backers have commented on how good these books are for someone who would love to have a go at being a GM, but is daunted by the task. With simple combat rules and the story pre-written, where better to have your first go at being a GM, than in Legendary Kingdoms.

If you are new to the Legendary Kingdoms gamebook world, you can play a fully illustrated free sample of both Books 1 and 3 in the series by clicking on the banner below.

The campaign's somewhere around 50x funded with 27 days left to go.