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Limited Edition Event Minis To Be Available Briefly Online From Games Workshop

Games Workshop likes to give something special to those that are able to make it out to their events that they run by letting them buy special, limited edition figures. Well, with the pandemic going on still, events are not so much really a thing right now. As such, Games Workshop will be offering these figures online for a limited time.

From the announcement:

If you’ve ever been to a major tournament event, you’ll know that there are often a clutch of fantastic new models released exclusively at these events – a neat little badge of honour for attendees. But in a curtailed tournament schedule it’s been very difficult to get hold of them.

So some of the characters intended for events in 2020 and 2021 are being made available for everyone to buy on a time-limited basis! Stormcast Eternal Dacian Anvil, a heroic Knight-Questor, and the fabulous Necron Overlord Hasmoteph the Resplendent will be available to purchase as Made to Order miniatures on from Saturday 24th July for nine days only.

Let’s take a closer look at the models.