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Man-O-War Martial Archetypes Available for Iron Kingdoms RPG

If you're looking to be one of the most heavily-armored troops out there on the battlefield, you'll want a suit of Man-O-War armor. And if you're in an Iron Kingdoms RPG game and want it, you'll need the Man-O-War Archetype rules, available now from Privateer Press.

From the article:

Expand your player options – Additional content for Iron Kingdoms: Requiem continues with Man-O-War Martial Archetype, available now!

Warded by Steel, Powered by Steam!

Thunder across the battlefield as one of the Man-O-War, soldiers from Khador who embody the strength and discipline of the frozen north. Experts in the use of steam-powered armor, the Man-O-War are the ironclad backbone of Khador’s military. Their unstoppable advance is known—and feared—by all who dare to challenge the might of the Khadoran Empire!