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Mantic Examines Keywords in Deadzone Third Edition

Keywords. They can really help speed up the pace of a game by giving a couple words to describe a bigger concept on a model's stat block. In Deadzone 3rd Edition, Mantic looked over at all the keywords available and went, "... we can cut this down some." Get a look at how in this preview.

From the preview:

Onto today’s blog and, we admit, it may not sound the most exciting but we felt it was an essential change to make sure Third Edition was as streamlined as possible. So pay attention you people sitting at the back!

Firstly, let’s talk about repetition. In Second Edition some words were used multiple times but had slightly different uses, e.g. the Fight stat and the Fight action. To make sure there’s no confusion in Third, we’ve amended some of the terminology to make sure there’s less repetition when it comes to key phrases, e.g. a Fight action is now an Assault action, while a Move action is now an Advance action. Simple enough but it just makes it clearer in the rules when we’re talking about a specific element.