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Mantic Previews Armada in 2022

Welcome to the New Year, everyone. I'm back from my bit of vacation and there's definitely some news to catch up on. Starting out, Mantic has a bunch of blog posts about their various games and what will be happening with them in 2022. Starting off, we're taking a look at Armada and a new fleet coming soon.

From the article:

So, today we’re on to Armada. After launching – or should that be setting sail – in 2020 (right in the thick of the pandemic), Armada has continued to go from strength to strength. There are now seven fleets available (orcs, Basileans, dwarfs, Empire of Dust, Kingdoms of Men, Twilight Kin and elves), along with fliers, the amazing magic deck and the Seas Aflame supplement.

However, we’ve got plenty more exciting new releases coming up in 2022, so if you’ve been waiting to jump in – now’s your chance. Let’s take a sneak peek…