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Mantic Previews Close Combat in Firefight 2nd Edition

Well, we know about moving and shooting and such, but what about if your enemy's right up in your face? Probably wanna punch 'em. And that's what we have here with a preview of how close combat will work in Firefight 2nd Edition, coming soon from Mantic.

From the article:

Some units are keen to tear their enemies limb from limb in bloody hand-to-hand combat, rather than mess about with all those fancy lasers and stuff.

When Assaulting an enemy unit, move the unit Leader the shortest distance possible into base-to-base contact with an enemy model in the target unit. Just like moving or shooting, when measuring to see whether you’re in range for an Assault, you only need to measure from the Leader model. A Leader can then trigger an Assault by Advancing or Sprinting into base-to-base with an enemy model, which automatically starts some fisticuffs.