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Mantic Previews Command Points in Firefight 2nd Edition

The new edition of Firefight is on its way from Mantic Games. They've begun looking at the different factions, but now, they're going to start looking into the different game mechanics and how they're changing. In this installment, we get a look at Command Points.

From the article:

Today we’re kicking off a new series of blogs that will delve deeper into the rules for Firefight: Second Edition. We’ll be exploring elements like movement, shooting, assaulting and lots more, so you’ll be ready to hit the battlefield from April 19th when the game starts shipping. In this blog we’re starting with one of the most important elements of Firefight: Second Edition… Command Points.

But before we tell you what Command Points are, let’s quickly talk about one of the big design elements of Firefight: Second Edition. You see, we really wanted Firefight to play quickly and have lots of dynamism, not only in terms of how units move and shoot, but also in terms of tactical gameplay. One immediate way to add some dynamic play is the use of alternating activations, so you can immediately respond to the actions of your opponent. The other big element for dynamic play is the introduction of Command Points.