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Mantic Previews Deadzone Updates in 2022

Mantic is going through all their various product lines, giving us a look at what is coming for them in this new year. This time around, it's Deadzone. And you thought seasonal flu was bad. It has nothing on the plague that's spreading through the Deadzone universe. Go have a look.

From the article:

When we were getting ready for Deadzone: Third Edition we spent some time reviewing the current range of models and looking at which ones we thought required an update. One of the factions that rose to the top of the pile was the Plague. The idea behind this Strike Team – an army of bloodthirsty mutants, warped by the terrible virus – is really cool, but some of the miniatures were a little lacklustre. With that in mind, we’ve re-sculpted a large portion of the Plague to make them more dynamic, more aggressive-looking and generally more terrifying! These new models will be available in resin, rather than PVC, so you can see all that gruesome detail.