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Mantic Previews Enforcers for Firefight 2nd Edition

Mantic continues to make their way through all the factions in Firefight, giving you a look at how they're changing for the game's upcoming 2nd edition. In this preview, we take a look at the Enforcers.

From the article:

It goes without saying that maintaining an economic empire the size of the GCPS is no easy task. Lucky then that the bureaucracy that serves the Council of Seven, the armies of corporate legal experts, public relations gurus, propagandists, information brokers, alternative fact writers, spies, saboteurs, and diplomats is exceedingly good at their collective job.

And yet, there still are more flashpoints, conflicts, invasions and insurgencies across the Five Spheres than even these administrative authorities can effectively manage. Sometimes it does not matter how well the agents of the Council collude, connive, and control: things still end explosively. And when a faction rejects the Council’s outstretched hand or an alien invader cannot be bought, bartered, or reasoned with, more often than not the next thing they see is its fist.

This is the Enforcers Corps.