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Mantic Previews Hazard Cards from The Umbrella Academy

Living in the world of The Umbrella Academy isn't always easy. There's all sorts of hazards to deal with. And we get a look at just how they'll work in the upcoming The Umbrella Academy: The Board Game from Mantic and River Horse in this preview.

From the article:

Hey folks, it’s time for another instalment of our ‘how to play Umbrella Academy: The Board Game blogs’, also known as HTPUATBGB (pronounced hutpuatbuguhbuh). Anyway, while we work on a much snappier title, why don’t you read about how Hazards and Villains work? Don’t forget, we’ve already given you a brief overview about how the game plays and explained what Skill cards do. So, make sure you check out those blogs too.

Hazards are a challenge Heroes will have to overcome by placing enough of the right type of Battle Tokens on them to match or beat the requirement displayed on the Hazard card. When a Hazard has enough Battle Tokens on it to meet the requirement, it can be immediately Destroyed.