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Mantic Previews Legendary and Siege Formats for Kings of War

We've been seeing a lot about Ambush, the new, smaller-sized game mode for Kings of War that'll be in the game's new edition book. Well, we're headed the other direction this time with a look at Legendary, where the games get truly huge. Plus, a look at various Siege scenarios you can play.

From the article:

Over the past couple of days we’ve been talking about Ambush – the new way to play Kings of War at smaller points levels. Obviously that’s great, and we’re sure people will enjoy this faster, more compact style of battle.

However, what if you like your Kings of War conflicts to be BIG! You know, the sort of scrap that would normally finish off an epic fantasy film. The one in which the heroes and villains bring ALL their toys to the fight and there’s probably about 50 dragons… per side. Well, if that sounds like the sort of Kings of War experience you want, then say hello to ‘Legendary’ games.