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Mantic Previews Line of Sight in Firefight 2nd Edition

"What can my model see?" It's a pretty standard and thus, necessary question to answer in your minis games. Can't hit what you can't see, after all. In this preview of the upcoming Firefight 2nd edition, Mantic goes over how Line of Sight works in the new edition.

From the article:

Following our blog detailing how shooting works in Firefight: Second Edition, we’ve had a number of queries about what happens when enemy units are in cover. So, without further ado, today’s blog deals with Line of Sight and cover.

First up, it’s worth noting that Firefight uses a height system similar to Kings of War, rather than true line of sight in Deadzone. If you look at the profiles of each unit, you’ll see they have a Height value. This is to indicate how big that unit is and whether it blocks line of sight, or is visible over an obstacle, for example.

As well as units having their own height values, we also suggest height values for things like ponds (height 0), hills (height 3), woods (height 5), etc.