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Mantic Previews Marauders for Firefight

Mantic is continuing their look at the factions in Firefight, prepping you for when the new edition hits shelves. This time around, things are getting a bit green as the Marauders are on display.

From the article:

Since their earliest encounters with Orcs, humans have consistently underestimated their kind. Brutish and bestial in appearance, with tough hide, sloping brows and oversized teeth, it is tempting to dismiss them as simple barbarian savages. In actual fact, Orcs are possessed of a cunning intelligence, able to learn new skills quickly and adapt their tactics dependent on the foe they faced. The first Corporate encounter with them on one of their many homeworlds ended in massacre. Ever pragmatic, the Council elected to make use of these creatures for its own ends, offering them the opportunity to work for the GCPS as mercenaries. The Orcs, for their part, were happy enough to fight anyone at all if there was a reward in it for them, and thus the Marauders came to be.