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Mantic Previews Movement in Firefight 2nd Edition

It wouldn't be much of a tactical miniatures game if you couldn't move your figures around once you put them on the table. But you can. But how do you go about it in the new edition of Firefight? Well, that's what we find out in this preview from Mantic.

From the article:

Hello and welcome to another of our in-depth Firefight: Second Edition rules previews. After looking at the all-important Command Points in our previous blog, today we’re talking movement.

You may remember in our previous post that we described how dynamism was one of the key elements behind Firefight, which we’ve pulled off with the alternating activations and Command Points. The other important design choice was: speed. We always wanted to make sure that Firefight played fast and furious, so you can spend less time moving stuff around the table or measuring distances, and more time rolling dice and making ‘pew pew’ noises.