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Mantic Previews Northern Alliance and Varangur Sets for Armada

The high seas are going to become a bit more crowded as some new fleets make their way into the battles of Armada. They're the Northern Alliance and the Varangur and while you can pre-order them now, if you're wanting to get to know a bit more about what these fleets are like, you can check out some of their special rules and ship stats in this preview.

From the preview:

There are some cool new fleets coming to Armada! The Northern Alliance/Varangur sets are available to pre-order now from the Mantic website, or your local gaming store. To celebrate this chilly release, we asked RC member Chris Cowburn to give us the low down on how these new factions play. Over to you Chris…

The latest fleets making their presence felt on the seas of Pannithor are the Northern Alliance and the Varangur. Hailing from the same region, the ship designs are very similar between the two, but what about their rules?