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Mantic Previews Ogres for Vanguard

Later this month, the hulking Ogres are making their way to Vanguard tabletops. This new faction will really shake things up, if nothing else because they'll work for anyone. Want to see what you can add to your forces/might be seeing across the battlefield? Check out this preview.

From the article:

Later this month we’ll be releasing our – counts on fingers – 10th full faction for Vanguard. The neutral ogres are one of the more interesting armies in Pannithor because they’ll basically fight for anyone… if they’ve got the cash.

The idea of small warbands of mercenary ogres makes a lot of sense. After all, it’s likely small groups of ogres would be happy to carry out work for hire, no matter the task. As a result, we really wanted to give them the full Vanguard treatment!

If you’ve been following Vanguard for a long-time (of course you have, it’s the best fantasy skirmish game ever) then you’ll know that when we do a full warband release it’s a chance to freshen up the faction. First, we take a long hard look at the existing faction list (in the hardback rulebook and the downloadable warbands). Then we look at reports from players to see what the warband is missing or where it’s under performing. Following that we get to work on a brand-new list.

The big takeaways from our research into the ogre warband was:

  • We wanted to make sure it was possible to take an ogre-only list, rather than relying on red goblins to bulk it out
  • The ogres were suffering from being outnumbered too easily on objectives
  • Their special abilities were a bit rubbish

With that in mind, we went back to the drawing board. The result is a more balanced ogre list that feels like they’re a group of powerful mercenaries for hire, with the goblins are support – rather than a key unit.