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Mantic Previews Shooting in Firefight 2nd Edition

With a name like Firefight, it's to be expected that the figures will be shooting at one-another. And that's the set of rules we get a look at in this preview of the new edition of the game from Mantic. Check your sights and let's get going.

From the article:

Welcome wannabe Firefight commanders to another of our rules blogs! So far we’ve covered the importance of Command Points and how we’ve kept the movement rules nice and simple to keep things fast. Today then we’re getting onto the juicy stuff: shooting.

A little like the rules for movement, which have been designed to keep the action coming thick and fast, shooting follows a very similar path. You see, rather than having to work out if all the individual models in your squad can see the target, you only have to worry about whether the Leader model can see them.

You start by drawing Line of Sight from the Leader model to the base of the closest model in the enemy unit. Then all weapons in the shooting unit that have a listed range equal to or greater than the distance measured to the target, are eligible to fire.