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Mantic Previews Squad-Building in Deadzone: Third Edition

Just the other day, Mantic announced that there's a new edition of Deadzone, their sci-fi skirmish game coming. Also, that they would be rolling out a bunch of preview articles to let you know about the changes. In this one, we see how squad building works.

From the article:

Hopefully you’ve recovered from the sheer excitement of the Deadzone: Third Edition announcement. I mean, there’s so much to get stoked about – new rulebooks, new two-player starter set, new minis…

If you saw our blog yesterday, you’ll know that over the next few weeks, we’re going to be taking a deep dive into Deadzone: Third Edition to explain why it’s going to be the best damn sci-fi skirmish game ever.


That’s right, today we’re going through building your Strike Team. Just in case you missed it, we’ve split the rules across two books – the core rules and the force lists book. The latter is where you’ll find all the stats for all 10 Deadzone factions.