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Mantic Previews Terrain Crate in 2022

I know, this could've been in a Terrain Corner piece, but as you've seen, News is still slow as companies come back from break, so I figured I'd go ahead and put it here. Anyway, Mantic has the next in their Christmas Blogs up, taking a look at how Terrain Crate will be changing this year.

From the article:

Rob here! Erm… so when I was doing doing the Christmas blogs schedule, I definitely didn’t forget Martin’s TerrainCrate blog. DEFINITELY NOT. As you can see from the schedule below, it’s clearly marked right at the end because I was saving the best until last. So, over to you Martin for the blog that I certainly had in my schedule and didn’t forget about AT ALL.

Well, what a year it has been for TerrainCrate. The fantasy range has established itself at the forefront of RPG terrain, after featuring on Twitch channels such as blueboxrpg and our long term supporters The Dungeon Dudes. We have a huge project for late 2022, but more on that closer to the time… Rob won’t let me reveal what it is. Probably because it’s not about goblins. So please watch this space for more news on this adventurous new project for TerrainCrate.