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Mantic Previews the Plague for Firefight

Another faction preview for you as Mantic looks at all the factions in Firefight in preparation for the game's second edition. This time around, it's the Plague. But don't worry, you don't have to wear a mask to read the article. ... though it couldn't hurt...

From the article:

Officially, it does not exist.

The bio-contaminant first discovered by the GCPS in the Death Arc, but since then encountered in classified locations right across the Five Spheres, cannot exist. Because the first invasion of corporate space by the Plague devastated every world it touched. Billions were lost when the first infected fleet returned from the forbidden planets of the Death Arc, consumed and converted into monsters by things that used to be human. Only a huge acceleration and expansion of the Enforcer corps, as well as some brutal and impressive tactical manoeuvres, allowed the Council to get the situation back under its control. The panic that spread through the Parris sector when the Plague attacked may have killed as many as the contaminant itself , so the facts of what happened in that first great war with the Plague are heavily guarded to this day. Even now, there are corporate worlds that do not officially exist as, in a precursor to the writing of the Containment Protocols, those places have been scrubbed from official Navicorp records and cannot be reached using standard navigational aids.