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Mantic Releases Updated Vanguard Rulebook

With games as big and complex as miniatures games, there's always bound to be revisions. No matter how much playtesting a company does, once a game gets out in the wild, thousands of more gamers get a chance to find things that didn't work quite as intended by the designers. Well, Vanguard is the latest game that's getting itself an updated version. You can get it from Mantic now.

From the update:

After releasing the rulebook in October 2018, there have been a number of changes to the game (via errata) and, of course, we’ve released a lot of new models each time we create a full warband. So, when it came to reprinting the rulebook we decided this was actually a great opportunity to incorporate those changes and make sure that any new players are playing the most up to date rules, without the need to download additional stuff.

With that in mind, we’re pleased to announce that the reprinted Vanguard rulebook has been updated to Vanguard 1.1 – and you can see all the changes below. The new softback rulebook is now the standard Vanguard rulebook and will also come in the revised two-player starter set… all of which can be ordered now. Of course, if you’ve got the old rulebook, it’s still perfectly playable and you can find out how to update that later in this blog.