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Mantic Taking Pre-Orders For OverDrive

A new fantasy sports game will soon be hitting your tabletops. It's OverDrive and it's going to put you in the role of a coach of your own team of over-the-top players. Compete and win in six different game modes as you look to be top of the bracket. Pre-orders are being taken now.

From the announcement:

OverDrive pre-orders are now available from the Mantic website and your friendly local game store! In OverDrive you are a coach that’s in control of a team of three players, chosen from a cast of larger-than-life characters, including a teleporting space turtle, walking shark, mind-controlling jellyfish and more!

Before each game you must draft your Players from the line-up available, which means you may never play the same team twice. All future releases of new Players can be added to the line-up, giving you even more choices.

After choosing your Players it’s time to hit the arena in one of six different game modes:

  • King of the Hill
  • Capture the Flag
  • Pass the Bomb
  • Invade
  • Kill Streak
  • DodgeBrawl

The core game also includes rules for league play and a short story to introduce you to the world of OverDrive.