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Mantic Taking Pre-Orders For Twilight Kin in Armada

The latest faction for Armada is weighing anchor and prepping their sails to hit the high seas. They're the Twilight Kin. These dark, twisted elves are masters of stealth, not the easiest thing to do on the featureless ocean. You can get your name on the list to get your new ships as soon as they're available by pre-ordering your fleet now.

From the announcement:

The Twilight Kin fleet is now available to pre-order from your local gaming store or direct from the Mantic website. These worshippers of the Wicked Ones revel in chaos and destruction, as they pillage their way around the coastal areas of Pannithor. Underestimate them at your peril!

The Twilight Kin are the tyrants of the Infant Sea, a scourge to all noble races from the Eastern Reaches to the Golden Horn itself. From their hellish home around the Mouth of Leith, these raiders have become the stuff of nightmares – the terror in the night whose name old seadogs barely dare whisper.