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Mantic Taking Pre-Orders for Clash of Kings 2022 Edition for Kings of War

I mean, I just mentioned that 2022 is around the corner. Mantic's prepped for it as well. They've started taking pre-orders for Clash of Kings 2022 Edition, the update supplement for Kings of War.

From the announcement:

This bumper edition of Mantic’s annual Kings of War update introduces two brand new army lists, a campaign with new scenarios, and a raft of new background information, new maps and artwork. Learn all about the halflings and the new army created by the Wicked Ones, harnessing the power of Halpi’s Rift.

The annual game updates bring a slew of changes to all existing armies, plus new magic, heroes and artefacts to deliver a big and exciting update to the game for the coming year.

  • Contents:
  • 112 pages packed with new rules, amended army lists and new lore!
  • Halfing background and army list
  • New evil army background and army list
  • New campaign: A Storm in the Shires
  • Clash of Kings 2022 updates, including changes to Special Rules, New Special Rules, Formations, new spells, new/revised Magical Artefacts, 38 pages of army updates for every single faction!