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Mantic Taking Pre-orders for Armada Taster Set

No, don't go and start chewing on your minis. The new Armada Taster Set is like even more of a "dip your toe in the water" set than a 2-player starter. And Mantic has started taking pre-orders for it over in their webshop.

From the article:

Today sees the launch of the limited edition Armada Taster Set. This special bundle contains everything you need to start playing Armada. You’ll get to grips with charting your ship across the high seas, you’ll see the devastating power of a broadside, and get the wind in your sails ready to play more.

The Taster Set has been designed as a perfect introductory experience, so you get a feel of just how awesome Armada is, before expanding the game with new ships. And we’re confident you’ll fall in love after seeing just how intuitive the gameplay is.