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Midweek Snippets

Halfway through the week already? Can't really complain. I'm guessing part of why the week is going by quickly is that yesterday, I laid down to have a "quick doze" after work and ended up basically sleeping for about 13 hours. Whoops. Glad I didn't have anything important to take care of. But while I'm feeling well-rested, I'm also feeling a bit peckish. Seems like a good time to fill up on some bite-sized gaming stories. Today on the platter we have:

Win a Pre-Release Set of Dice From Norse Foundry

We are launching our space dice kickstarter on September 1st 2021 on Kickstarter. If you havent seen these gorgouse dice you should check them out on YouTube. To celebrate the launch we are picking 5 Worldwide Winners to get 1 random color set of our unreleased space dice sets. No one will have these dice until after the Kickstarter fulfills be the envy of your gaming group with the only set of these dice in the wild!

Unarmored Persian Cavalry Available From Victrix

Lead the charge with the Persian Unarmoured Cavalry. These are an essential part of any Persian army.

  • 12 figure set
  • Multiple head, arm and weapon options
  • Can be used as tribal levies and colonist cavalry
  • Compatible with LBMS transfers
  • Can be used in armies to fight the Greeks, Macedonians, Ancient Indians, Scythians, and themselves in numerous civil war