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Midweek Snippets

Whoooooooooooooah! We're halfway theeeeeeere! Whoah-OH! We're still halfway there! It's Wednesday, my dudes. If we've made it this far, we can surely make it the rest of the way and back to the weekend. To help keep our energy up, here's some bite-sized gaming stories for you to munch on. Today on the platter we have:

New Half-Track Available From Victrix

This set includes 6 superbly detailed 12mm/1:144 tanks and a decal sheet (Allied stars and names). An extremely versatile infantry carrier, used in all theaters of war including the Western Front, Western Desert, Italy and Eastern Front.

6 models with options for US and UK versions Winch and roller hull options British and US crew options Cupola option Multiple MG and stowage options

Armour 6mm - 12mm Armament up to 4 x .30 cal or .50 cal machine guns Speed = 45mph Transfers included.

New Raw 55mm D20s Available From Kraken Dice

• Single 55mm D20 RPG dice