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Midweek Snippets

Halfway through the week. It's been alright so far. Very rainy here in Atlanta. You know I'm not going to complain about that. Especially since I don't have to be driving in it. Though, with the rain, I do find myself snacking more. And while I'm watching my waistline, noshing on some bite-sized gaming stories is 100% calorie free. Today on the platter we have:

Two New Dice Sets Available From Kraken Dice

It's getting closer and closer to Halloween. To help usher in the harvest, we've got two finished Halloween themed sets available for purchase now. Don't miss your chance to add The Great Pumpkins and Melted Candy to your treat bags!

New 10mm Mini Dice Sets Available From Kraken Dice

It's hard work being a rock hound in the Feywild. For those brave adventurers who want to complete their Fey rock collection, the Arch Fey Klaus offers you a special bargain. We've made it easier to complete your Fey pact all at once with the Feytfull Bundle. All 10 sets for just $50!