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Midweek Snippets

Is it Wednesday? I think it's Wednesday. But... I'll be honest, I'm not entirely sure, even though I'm looking at the calendar and it's like, "Yeah, it's Wednesday." I just don't know if I trust it... ... ... But I suppose it can't hurt to make a snippets post, anyway. I'm feeling a bit peckish. Today on the platter we have:

New Orc Heads Available From Puppets War

Which one is your favourite?🤔

Rocket Orc Heads are now available in resin.

Regal Rollers Sharp-Edge Dice Up On Kickstarter

Regal Rollers has been an outlet for me as the world seems to get crazier and crazier. It’s given me the opportunity to be creative when adult life tends to offer so few opportunities for that, and tabletop gaming as a whole has enabled me to meet and play alongside so many talented and delightful people.

I started making dice as a way of contributing to character designs in the games that I ran, as well as the ones I played in. I’ve always enjoyed making dice with themes and ideas in mind. That’s why you’ll see references to natural phenomena, fairytales and science fiction through out. This collection is the culmination of two years of crafting, theorising and mad science.

I chose to use Kickstarter because I want to make more of what people want, and less of what people don't want. My dream is that these dice help you tell your own stories, build your own characters, and go on your adventures, the same as they helped me.

Victoria Miniatures' Latest Free Mini of the Month Posted

Hi Folks,

I am very pleased to announce our newest addition to Victoria Miniatures FREE Miniature of the Month: Female Tannenburg Colonel. I have had many requests for this character to return as a new sculpt. She makes the perfect Flashy Officer or Commissar to lead your troops.

Kraken Dice Mother's Day Sale Happening Now

Select “Perfect for Mom” dice sets are now 30% off. Get your gamer mom the present she’s been hoping for, new dice!