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Midweek Snippets

Woooooooah! We're halfway there! Wooooooo-OH! We're still halfway the-ere! Yeah. It's Wednesday. Is the week going by quickly for anyone else? I woke up and it was like, "Dang. Week's half done already." As always, that's not a complaint. For the first time in over a month, I've got D&D coming up on Sunday. So, I'm looking forward to that. To make sure I have the energy to play, let's nosh on some bite-sized gaming stories. Today on the platter we have:

New Ninja Orc Heads Available From Puppets War

Ninja Orc Heads available now in our store !

Perfect to create the Sneaky Boyz

Spirit of Darkness Dice Set Available From Kraken Dice

Spirit of Darkness returns. One of our most popular sets returns in an all-new resurrected mold.

Dwemer Markers and Tokens Available to Pre-Order from Modiphius

The intriguing ruins of Dwemer strongholds have endured the ages since the disappearance of their builders. That they have stood so long is testament to the skill of the Dwemer and the strange and durable materials used in their constructions. A handful of buildings on the surface inevitably lead adventurous souls into underground chambers, where extraordinary machines may still function, powered by steam and lightning.

Tread carefully in these deserted halls, and pray that the buttons and levers you encounter will open new ways forward, instead of summoning mechanical guardians, or activating flaming traps. If you survive such encounters, you may reap great rewards.

The strange, bronze-like metal used in much of the Dwemer’s engineering is a valuable resource that can be plundered from sturdy chests discovered throughout their still-active strongholds. Despite the danger there is much to learn and to gain from these enduring and beautiful monuments to a lost people.

These resin miniatures can be used to replace the Treasure, Master Treasure and Objective tokens from The Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms Core Rule box.